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Photo Excursions: Adventures & Education

A day of photography. Bring your camera and sense of adventure and I'll bring you to beautiful places a help you capture amazing images. Mountain hikes, exploring the coast or city walks, lets plan a day and see these places in new ways. Learn how to get your camera out of manual mode and create memorable images to share with family and friends.

I'll supply tripods, camera remote & lens filters to show you how these accessories can take your photography to the next level.

I'll explain ideas like exposure compensation and bracketing, simple features of your camera that will help you create the images you want.

Franconia Notch, NH

Don't you love pics like this? How do you get the water to look silky like that? I'll show you how to do this with your camera!

Do you have a trip already planned? I'll tag a long and help you capture memories like never before.

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Excursions start at $249* For up to 3 Photographers

Additional photographer add $99*

All Excursions are Customize-able!


*Price includes tripod, camera remote and lens filter rental. Price does not include transportation to meeting spot. Price does not include any cost or fees associated with visiting specific locations or attractions. 

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