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Location, Location, Location!!!
You always hear how important location is and with that, in today’s hectic world, convenience is king. Given that, I’ve chosen to be a mobile photographer. I’ll come to you. Your location, a convenient time and competitive pricing, thanks to low overhead.
Contact me at: al@alconantphotography.com
or call: 781-885-1976*Note, this is a voice mail line, which emails me whenever someone leaves me a voice mail. Also, if you speak clearly, I'll actually get a transcript of the message you leave!

Born in Boston, I've called the city and the south shore home my entire life. Taking pictures has been a life long hobby for me. I explored photography, film and video in college and ended up working in educational television in the early 90's. I've worked in local television ever since and have been working behind the scenes in local news since 1998.

Though I made television my career, photography was always a passion. In 2011, my son and I planned a trip to Alaska and I decided to invest in a Nikon D5100 DSLR to take on the trip. I took 2,500 pictures on that trip. Just under 4 years later I clicked over 100,000 photos with that little work horse. In 2015, I bought a Nikon 7200 and am just loving the upgrade, but with already 60,000+ clicks, I know I'll be in the market for a new Nikon in a couple of years. I have a complete mobile studio, with 4 Einstein E640 Strobe Lights, modifiers and other bits and pieces, I can fill up the back of my suv and shoot anywhere.

My years in television has certainly aided my photography and has helped me create my high contrast studio style. Composing an image or frame whether it is for television, film or photography takes the same aesthetic eye and the ability to identify your audience and evoke the intended emotions from them. Also, the generally more complex lighting requirements of television, which I've adapted for photography, has help me develop my particular photography style. I usually in corporate lighting even in outdoor location shoots.

I also enjoy both ends of photography, creating the images and processing/editing them. I've been using Photoshop for over 15 years, and have had 100's of hours of instruction in the limitless options and techniques in using the software.

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